Мы не русские

Добро пожаловать на наш сайт

Ok, just kidding. That literally just said “We are not Russian Welcome to our website”.

In all seriousness, AOC (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez) is definitely changing the American Political landscape … maybe not for good, but she is changing it.

This is a satire and parody website. If you have no humor, and get butt hurt easily, please leave. Parody and satire are protected under The First Amendment. Satire is comedy, it is not defamation. Additional legal precedents are here and here.

This website is completely non-profit, there are no ads, there is zero money exchanging hands, no crypto, no cheetos, no favors implied nor promised by any legal (or non-legal) entity anywhere in the world. (Yes, there is that Septulian from the 14th moon of Uranus, but that’s personal).

We are not affiliated with any political organization, PAC, committee, fund, money manager, Komrade, or anything that could even be twisted by the lame stream media into thinking that we are. I do donate monthly to the United Way, but that’s personal.

We are not affiliated in any form, fashion, shape, or fiduciary with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Nor do we want to be although she’s pretty hot.

This website was brought about as something that would not leave my head. I design websites (note: not even a link back to my business site because honestly, I do not want the far left trolls that believe Socialism is ok bringing me grief) & decided to roll with it because it would be fun and funny.

I do NOT do interviews and will ignore any and all requests to do so – not that I will likely receive any requests from the three people that use this site – why would my family interview me?

With all that said: I am not Russian. I am not part of some far flung political party. I do not receive any money for this and would not accept it. If you do not see the pure hilarity every time the Socialist Princess opens her mouth, you need to check yourself.